The Gift is There

Do you find it difficult to fully receive?

… abundance, success, kindness, compliments?

… love, affection, loyalty, or commitment?

Perhaps you are afraid it won’t last, so why accept it, if it’s going to leave anyway?

Whatever your reason;

You are long overdue to accept and have some reciprocation, for how much you give.

For these words to make sense, you must have these two beliefs, at a minimum.

1) Belief that you have a true and unshakable purpose. Even if it’s still undiscovered by you.

Say, “I have unshakable purpose. I am purpose in motion”.

2) you have faith. Faith that you are always protected and faith in your purpose.

Say, “I have faith. I am faith.”

Good, now we may proceed.

Here’s the kicker; you shouldn’t keep “protecting” yourself from what you receive. Screening your gifts (like a bad telemarketing phone call) is confusing the Universe/ law of attraction.

The gift is there… (the gift is in the sh*t)

Is it possible that you are the one who’s created the energetic imbalance? Giving, yet not allowing the natural flow of receiving, to flood into your being? You ultimately are the only one blocking your ability to receive and to have those riches returned to you. You maybe allow yourself to be seen as the victim of the sh*t sandwich you were dealt. Letting bitterness pervade your being.

Well, here’s a universal law;

Your being, is energy, generating more of that same energy. The universe is delivering to you, what you essentially have been asking for, feeling like, and acting about.

So why NOT receive, fully take in and be present with what the Universe has to offer? Maybe it’s a lesson, perhaps is a way to perfect your situation, or taking away something that didn’t truly belong. Rejection is Universal protection, after all.

The gift is there…

Perhaps the Universe has been trying to give you that one thing, that would change everything! But again, you must believe you have purpose and have faith.

Here’s a counter intuitive tip; (eye brows will raise)

Have you tried thanking God for the sh*t sandwich you were dealt?

Look, instead of comparing notes on how unfair your circumstances are, have you ever considered what your circumstances are gifting you with?

The gift is there. The gift is in the sh*t.

This is the part people get upset with me. I get responses back with horrific stories of injustices, from those shows hearts are filled with anger. Even in these words you can choose to see the sh*t, or the gift. Are you ready?

Thank and give gratitude, even if you don’t know why.

I’ve done this in some of the most trying circumstances. Losing a baby, being stalked, and more unfathomable circumstances, have lead me to my biggest gifts over time. (It’s apart of healing y’all.) Did it mean I was going to quit and deem myself only worthy of unjust things? No. Did it mean I wanted these terrible things to happen to me? Absolutely not!

But allowing the Universe to bestow me with my experiences was only going to perpetuate me into my evolution, into my purpose, and into learning those lessons.

Side-Story: someone is being rude, fully receive their gift to you of boundaries and self care. “I fully receive you and your message, thank you!”

So to you control-freaks out there, how is your sh*t sandwich tasting? How about you loosen your grip and try this;

“I accept this. I fully receive this gift” because the damn gift is in the sh*t and once you loosen that grip and start receiving everything that the universe wants to give to you. You start to see how it all fits together in creating your abundance filled masterpiece.

Let it all in. Grieve it. Receive it. You can take all things and turn them into gold. That’s alchemy.

Xo, Cassandra Ceyla



A note to get you thinking …

How you receive

How you give

To yourself, of yourself…

Comes from the way you witnessed LOVE, how it was modeled, & perceived as a child.




How we allow ourselves to fully breathe in life, enjoy or live in our moments of bliss, says a lot about the flow or lack thereof (blockages) in our bodies, from the events in our lives, that we have not processed nor let go of.

How much we enjoy giving pleasure…

A lot of us give out of duty, to seem noble, or to keep busy as self punishment or to take away from the true ‘feeling’ of it all. You give and give, but may refuse to learn the art of receiving.

Many of us take and take, and do not reciprocate purely. Feeling empty and addicted to the “taking”. Steamrolling life. Getting everything you can.

What subtleties are you feeling when you read this?

Enter your 2019 with a plan to lay a new foundation for the way you receive and give life. It will change your life, allowing for more success, increasing your integrity as a leader, and the quality of your relationships.

Healing sessions available now,

Xo Cassandra

(Photo Cred: unknown)

Happiness is not an emotion? Whaaaaat?

“We can’t be happy just yet …”

As our ego mind runs off into the future.

Material items don’t last, and leave us desiring more.

Happiness as excitement, or as an emotion… fades when our fears rise, …

My biggest shift is realizing that Happiness is NOT excitement. Excitement is variable, but happiness … well…

Maybe make happiness a choice, not an emotion, but an action of peace. A conditioned response to whatever presents itself, as letting go, being a witness and choosing to let the situation wash over us.


There are no conditions of happiness.

Just choices to remain peaceful.

Peaceful is Happy. I’m such a work in progress.

Xo, Cassandra

Perfection Isn’t The Goal

Totally Unapologetic & Bring‘n It Back Old School!

This pic is the night when I decided to be totally unapologetic about everything. My life was under a complete transformation.

This pic doesn’t mark the day of perfection, but the day of claiming my inner feminine healer. It may come off as pompous, and being so unapologetic may come off bitchy (to those who are insecure with their own shit), but…

My healing, the way I loved, my imperfections, the way I allowed intimacy in my life changed during this time. It was fun, messy, liberating and my career success was also fun, messy, and liberating.

This freedom allowed me the insight; That everything I had learned and experienced up to this point was all a facet into reaching the “thing” that made sense. Every healing modality certification I obtained, was just a layer of insight adding depth to that one big “thing”… the correlation of how your intimacy & the way you love, is a reflection into the success of your life.

Perfection isn’t your goal, but living as closely as you can by your mission, the essence of your true being. First you need to know what your mission is,

then your purpose,

then your passion,

& you heal during this process.

The universe gives you people and experiences to heal through.

But if it’s structure you crave in such an intangible concept, contact me for a free discovery call where we outline the steps and customize a coaching plan to get your foundation built and your intimacy and life success in alignment with your highest and best good.

Namaste Bitches,


Your Thoughts On Auto-Repeat

Ever get to work and not remember the drive? Most likely you “zoned out” and had some thoughts playing in the background of your mind. Almost like the elevator music you tend to not notice, or the white noise playing in your office environment. You can tune into it if you focus on it, but most of the time these thoughts go unconsciously Unnoticed.

Often times we have repetitive thoughts on auto repeat; while we brush our teeth, while making coffee, when washing our hair, etc… typically when our physical selves can rely on muscle memory to do a task.

It is in these thoughts that a couple of things occur.

1) our self talk

2) our mind can be flooded with past memories that seem benign/ inane or triggering/ traumatic

3) random people from our past come into our thoughts (these could be past loves, childhood friends, or as obscure as our dentist)

What does this mean?

Acknowledge your thoughts by “catching them” or tuning into them. A Meditation practice will help with the “noticing” of them.

It is important to not judge yourself for thinking these thoughts, but merely be a witness to them.

Perhaps, Ask your thought what it’s trying to tell you…

Is this an energetic cord attachment to a person or event? Has the other person been thinking about you? Is there toxicity surrounding this thought? Will taking care of this thought free up space in your conscious to take something new in? Is this thought life-giving or life-taking?

Energy work can give you much balance and relief from perpetual thoughts and energetic cord attachments. The thoughts we surround ourselves with fuel our spiritual energy. Conscious and unconscious. What are you accidentally calling into your energy or manifesting?

Get guidance by Reach out for healing sessions.

Xo, Cassandra

Focus On Being

Focus less on having and focus more on being.

Breakdown the structures you’ve built that give you a false sense of “protection”. Demolish the well built walls and feel your pain.

Your answer is in the pain, not to dwell, but to feel & deal.

Your true strength, comes from within, not from the facade nor from the created world you put in place m, to insulate you from reality.

Tantra; the “unorthodox” way to heal.

How can you correlate this to your Tantra practice? Reach out to me at

Xo, Cassandra

They Only See The Parts of You…

As you go deeper in your spiritual quest you may notice boundaries getting tested in your life, more and more. It seems as though every little instance is triggering or testing you.

Your energy body undergoes much change. Some of it pleasant and some of it can feel unpleasant. Shedding patterns, people, situations, and creating renewal isn’t easy.

Having to put your foot down, self-advocate, give yourself a voice and possibly offending others… all important for your transformation.

Previous pain or issues may come back, when you already felt you learned the lesson. It is the Universe’s way, not to re-teach you the lesson, but to give you the opportunity to exercise & choose your evolved choice again-and-again.

Remember to clear your energy and reset yourself. Be in the now, or dedicate time to allow yourself this self-care. Don’t get hard on yourself for going “backwards” in your process. The beauty is in your imperfect human experience.

Take down the structures you put into place to insulate yourself from “feeling”.

You gotta feel to deal…

feel to heal.

Your strength may not be tested as much as it’s questioned by others. They only see the parts of you that fits their narrative of you.

Just remember, what “they” think of you, is none of your business, as long as you have your intentions pure of heart (aka; be in alignment). Keep the evolution and growth going. Move closer to the version of the life you want to live. Your preferences matter, even if you gotta get feisty in the process.

Love, Cass

Man Maven


What’s the equivalent to a “foodie”? Or a “wino”, … a connesuier of men = ?








Xo, Cassandra

Those Whom Delve Into The Darkness

Darkness can bring us profound meaning. It’s the place where we witness the dissolving of our egos, into the quiet nothingness, where we hear our heart pound and are reminded of the life force and vitality we get to step into when we leave it.

We possess light. Its born in us. We “seek” darkness, it’s a choice (unconscious or not) to give us contrast of meaning and appreciation for the light.

Sri Ramakrishna talked about the profound blackness between the stars and that the infinite is always mysteriously dark. He found the darkness inebriating, its pristine nature having a brilliant radiance. This darkness is both beautifully silent and yet vibrating with life.

The things that look dauntingly dark May bring fear, but this very fear is simply the lack of information or knowledge within, of what you might experience during the time you are held by the dark.

Those whom delve into the darkness hold their own kind of beauty; one of strength. Appreciation for the contrast. And the comfort ability to understand what’s there, who possesses it, and to slay what’s meant to dissolve.

You will find different styles of healers, light workers, and spiritualists, if you are reading this, there’s a good chance you are one. But don’t be afraid of the ones who understand the darkness, who delve deep to show what’s there;

those who crave to bring forth truth and salvage the hiding beauty that lays there in secret. Those who delve are strong, who are the warriors of truth and love, but they are destroyers of everything else. Those who delve may not always be easy to look at, nor be in the presence of… because they show you your darkness, that quiet place where you feel the beating of your heart, the place you fear, the place where you lose control, the place you can’t bear to look at.

Moment-to Moments

Through the abyss of pumpkins they went. Finding the perfect Halloween lantern.

I’ve been studying love and relationship dynamics since I was a kid really. I read a book when I was 16, about relationships. I remember one of the big points made was that relationships aren’t built on “moment-to-moment happiness”, but rather, the overall big picture. This suggestion messed me up! It wasn’t until I took this picture , that I witnessed myself, in this very pumpkin patch;

I realize that I strongly disagree.

Sometimes you wait, to claim relationship success or life bliss, to be real sure it’s long-lasting and “true”. To be sure you can gauge the overall big picture. But, consider that if you’re sitting in this very moment, this very one right here… that you’re already doing it! Likely, in a lot of cases, bliss is sitting right in your own pasture (or pumpkin patch), and isn’t waiting to be found outside of what your experiencing right now. If there is any possible way you could be feeling happiness and bliss right now, then the past doesn’t matter, and the future will be built off of those “moment-to-moments” . Every moment you savor as joyful, every one that you acknowledge, has possibility. We can choose to protect these moments and let them be good. As they compound into a beautiful “big picture” these small moments can change the overall quality of your experiences, thus the reality of the pumpkin patch you’re already in.

Just a thought.

What are your thoughts?

Xo, Cassandra